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The Items Menu

The Items list in the game menu allows players a quick way to craft items. Within the Items list, you have 6 catergories with several crafting options for each. If you want to build a bed for example, you could go to the items list, select funiture then bed. Clicking multiple times on an item will create a queue for this item resulting in several being made. Currently, there is no way to view this queue. Hovering your mouse over an item will give a breif description and resources required to build it. Some will only require materials, while others will also require Utils such as a Stove or Mason's Bench.

Bellow is the breakdown of the Items menu with a list of the items you can craft:

  1. Decorative Items
    1. Barrel
    2. Candlestick
    3. Chest
    4. Potted Plant
    5. Torch
  2. Furniture
    1. Wooden Bed
    2. Wooden Chair
    3. Wooden Cupboard
    4. Wodden Table
  3. Food
    1. Apple Pie
    2. Bread
    3. Cooked Chicken
    4. Cooked Pork
    5. Cooked Steak
    6. Pork Pie
    7. Pear Pie
    8. Roast
  4. Militaries
    1. Armors
      1. Wooden Set
      2. Iron Set
      3. Spiderbane Set
      4. Horde Set
      5. Yellowlick Set
      6. Mangy Set
      7. Stealthy Set
      8. Necrotic Set
      9. Ghastly Set
      10. Beastly Set
    2. Weapons
      1. Iron Long Sword
      2. Iron Short Sword
      3. Arachnid Bow
      4. Wooden Bow
      5. Wooden Longsword
      6. Wooden Short Sword
      7. Stone Spear
  5. Utils
    1. Baker's Oven
    2. Baker's Table
    3. Bridge
    4. Carpentry Bench
    5. Ladder
    6. Mason's Bench
    7. Medicine Cabinet
    8. Stone Hammer
    9. Stove
    10. Wood Detailer
  6. Walls
    1. Log Wall
    2. Stone Wall
    3. Wooden Wall