SirHoder mod

Heh, well I couldn't leave well enough alone. Had to go redo my armor and ended up doodling up some normalized sprites for the dwarfs and basic goblins.
In this version I have the dwarves and goblin all drawn to have the same eye/hand/feet locations, all the armor/clothing/weapons should paperdoll in the proper locations (I didn't notice you had offsets defined in the data files until after I had this done). That means the goblins could easily use all the same armor and weapons the dwarves can (Hint Hint).
I've added some weapon types, including ranged and have some default iron versions thrown into the items.xml file. In all I've added spears, axes, hammers, crossbows and longbows. The melee weapons seem to fit in just fine, the missiles obviously don't do anything. The longbow is a tall sprite (double the height of the other weapons) and I couldn't figure out how to display it properly.
I played with some clothing sprites as well, added in some graphics and definitions for a "defaultshirt" (colored red, all expeditions need redshirts) and "defaultrobe" (colored blue in the definitions), these are grey-scale sprites on the sheet that can have colors programmatically defined to indicate different classes/occupations/castes, or just to dress your dwarves up a bit.
A tweak I tried that worked pretty well is to lighten up your default wood color, the dark brown was washing out the details of the sprite graphics.

Updated the bridge sprite to have more of a raised appearance, had to move it on the sprite sheet. Also ended up moving the table.
New sprites for bridge, a new table and a updated chair. Also redid the iron material as a pile of ingots, they are greyscale, so you should be able to colorize them as other metal types . Added a bed, a chest and open/closed versions of doors (just added in as furniture), added pavers as a utility item.




Download (for Towns 0.22)