The production panel can be opened from the button below the action history pane between the number of civilians and the number of soldiers. Shortcut - F2

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The Production Panel allows you to automate the preparation of foods and the production of military items and tools.

There you see all the items that you might want to produce. There are + (plus) and - (minus) buttons left and right of each item. With the buttons on the left you can set the quantity of items that you want to be made now, this one time. With the buttons to the right, you can set the quantity of items that you want to be in your inventory at any time. The number of items to be produced is displayed between the plus and minus buttons.

This means that if you set 15 breads as a target using the right arrows, your citizens will make 15 bread, and then when they eat some of them, they will go replenish it so that there's always 15 breads in your inventory. Provided the raw materials exists of course.


Main menu of the production panel.

Below are the details of what you can found in each category.



Menu for preparing food.

Allows to automate or order the preparation of food using raw food.

Available preparations are:

  1. Apple Pie
  2. Bread
  3. Cooked Badger Meat
  4. Cooked Chicken Meat
  5. Cooked Pork
  6. Cooked Steak
  7. Pork Pie
  8. Pear Pie
  9. Special Roast



Main Menu for crafting military items.

Allows the crafting of military items like armours and weapons. Below is the list of armours and weapons that can be produced.


Menu for crafting iron armour parts.

  1. Armors
    1. Wooden Set
    2. Iron Set
    3. Spiderbane Set
    4. Horde Set
    5. Yellowlick Set
    6. Mangy Set
    7. Stealthy Set
    8. Necrotic Set
    9. Ghastly Set
    10. Beastly Set
  2. Weapons
    1. Iron Long Sword
    2. Iron Short Sword
    3. Arachnid Bow
    4. Wooden Bow
    5. Wooden Longsword
    6. Wooden Short Sword
    7. Stone Spear

Menu for crafting weapons.



Menu for crafting tools used to build utilities.

From that menu you can order the creation of tools used in the crafting of some utilities and building.

The tools that can be produced are:

  1. Stone Hammer
  2. Tongs
  3. Torch