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Below is a list of upcoming features for Towns.

Version 0.46Edit

Added New Hero: Vechsian Trap Setter

Added New Mob: "Fwap a durp"

Added New Item: The Blaster

Version 0.40Edit

Add: Hero system. first implementation of the hero system.

Version 0.39Edit

Add: Containers to store multiple goods and materials in one tile

Add: Biomes, desert, snow, swamp, mixed, normal map

Add: Expandable zones. Allows to increase the size of an existing zone out of its walls

Add: Tutorial missions are now available

Add: Auto-equip button

Change: Item statistics generating. Now the statistics of the items are randomly generated. Created weapons can became Epic (they have a name)

Change: Generation and growth of trees. It will depends mainly on the biome.

Change: When soldiers and civs will go to the hospital, they will try to avoid carrying monsters and even (maybe) require help [1]

Fix: Production system is slowing down the game when a lot of automatic queues are set in the production panel

Fix: fix with "remove bridge" and other remove orders to ensure that only civilians on the right area can perform an order for that area.