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Below is a list of past versions of Towns.

Version 0.46Edit

Add: Leveling and experience to heroes
Add: Skills for heroes
Add: Damage over time attacks
Add: Heroes now leaves some battles to take a rest
Add: Icon on the top left side of the screen indicating the current task
Add: Confirmation menu when you start a new game with a previous save
Add: Citizens and heroes drops some equipment when dies
Add: Mud and sand walls
Change: Prefix/suffix are displayed on heroes equipment
Change: Fire wand stats
Change: Dwarf heroes now wants a room underground to come/stay
Change: Saving the game speed GREATLY improved
Fix: Planted apple bushes/trees
Fix: Blue flowers gathering
Fix: Some graphic glitches
Fix: Hero stuck when leaving a town in some cases
Fix: Cyclop and hobgoblin kaiser names swapped
Fix: Boots of haste now can be made using any kind of bird
Fix: Wild wheat now spawns in the mountain map
Fix: Stuck citizens when they can't reach an item/living
Fix: Tooltip showing living entities on undiscovered cells
Fix: Special death heroes doesn't appear again
Fix: More HP than the maximum allowed after wear/unwear items
Fix: Admin water now deletes the content of the first cell
Modders: New tag <HPRegeneration> on livingentities.xml. It makes a living to gain 1HP per turn
Modders: New <followEntity> and <followTurns> tags. This way you can script pets!!

Version 0.45bEdit

Change: Heroes come/stay prerequisites
Fix: Blue color now can be stored in piles/containers
Fix: Pears will be harvested automatically
Fix: Issues with planted banana trees, blue radish and snow trees
Fix: Stuck (invisible) citizens when placing walls (or just non-passable cells like water)
Fix: Citizens starving to death with food on the world (related to the previous fix)

Version 0.45aEdit

Add: Management menu for piles and containers
Add: A clock to use in some zones
Change: Heroes exploring routines
Change: Citizens will starve to death after 2 full days without food
Change: Negative speed % applied when a citizen is hungry
Fix: Some tree/planting scripts
Fix: Some wall sizes and positions
Modders: Crash if you set a building without prerequisites solved

Version 0.45Edit

Add: Now living entities (IE. a cow) can hate any other livings (IE. a pig).
Add: Speed buttons on the UI.
Add: Status messages on the loading screen.
Add: First heroes!
Add: Fog of war in dungeons.
Add: You can click on the messages to set the current view where the event is happening.
Add: The badger arena!
Add: New option on the game menu to disable by default all items when you create a pile or a container.
Add: New option on the game menu to pause the game when it starts.
Add: New option on the game menu to activate transparencies near the mouse cursor
Add: Un-till terrain.
Add: Un-dig terrain.
Change: No more berseker soldiers. Now soldiers have 3 states, GUARD, PATROL and BOSS AROUND.
Change: Health points restored when sleep are set to 5% of maximum base health points (instead of 1 HP).
Change: No more hunger-lock. Now, when a citizen is hungry they walk at 50% speed but continues performing normal tasks.
Change: Better fluids and tasks management routines.
Change: Citizens search for a nearest hospital (or dinning room) instead of the first hospital (or dinning room) created.
Change: Citizens now use the beds in the hospitals, and heal faster if they do so.
Change: Citizens works and walks slower if they are unhappy.
Change: Savegames now are placed on userdocs/.towns/save/BUILDNAME/ where BUILDNAME is the current game build (IE. 0.45).
Change: Citizens (and heroes) walk to their assigned room when they arrive in town.
Change: Zones now can be built on edges and close to a slope
Change: You can scroll now with the WASD keys (or arrows) and up/down levels with the QX keys (or mouse wheel).
Fix: Stockpiles under a building are not allowed.
Fix: Harvest button now also harvests blue radish.
Fix: Entities with assigned path will not pass through holes if you remove a ladder while they are following it.
Fix: Tooltip issue on production panel with multiple items/livings.
Fix: Autoequip while healing does not cause stuck citizens anymore.
Fix: Half-Buildings on the left or top area of the screen are displayed .
Fix: Walk glitches when a citizen is close to the wall or after a fight.
Fix: Citizens doesn't make the same haul task when the item to be moved can be placed in a container AND in a stockpile.
Fix: You can use the non-numpad '+' key to increase the speed.
Fix: Immigrants now CAN find the path to the colony even if his assigned zone has walls on the first cell.
Fix: Cancel terrain actions (like till) now works even if a citizen started to do it.
Fix: Glitch with roofs when you have a building inside other.
Fix: Equip/unequip now doesn't stuck citizens in certain cases.
Modders: Added the <generatedItem> tags to actions. This way you can set the production panel icon (it overwrites the <createItem> icon).
Modders: Added the "useSource" atribute to <move> tags.
Modders: Added <replaceCellItem>itemID</replaceCellItem>, <destroyCellItem /> and <moveTerrain /> tags to action queues.
Modders: <id> and <startingPointID> tags to use on the <seed> ones. This way you can name a seed and force a second seed to start inside the first one.
Modders: <hate> tag for living entities.
Modders: Some nice error messages that will help modders if something fails on map generation.
Modders: <heightMin> and <heightMax> tags added to the <seed> tag. This allows you to create seeds on certain heights.
Modders: Subtag <terrain> under the <change> tag now accepts special types (_WATER_, _WATER_INF, _LAVA_, ....) again.
Modders: New social zone <type>SOCIAL</type> on zones.xml.
Modders: Removed the <type> tag from actions. Now all actions must have a queue.
Modders: <maxHungryTurns>, <maxSleepTurns> and <eatZone> can be scripted on livingentities.xml.

Version 0.42bEdit

Change: Killing a bird is easier now (but not easy!)
Change: Continuous water Change: Game speed can be toggled using "+" and "-" keys
Change: Map generation performance
Change: Spawn of items/livings management performance
Fix: Werepigs and milked cows will not turn invisible anymore
Fix: Negative numbers on regular production queue
Fix: Roads menu, bread item description and autoequip command translated to spanish
Modders: <childItem> tags have been changed to <spawn> ones, that also allows you to spawn living entities (IE: A cow, a goblin, ...)
Modders: New <heightMin> and <heightMax> tags on the <change> one. This way you can change the terrain on certain heights
Modders: New <habitatHeightMin> and <habitatHeightMax> tags for living entities and items. This way you can spawn certain objects (IE. reindeers) on certain heights

Version 0.42aEdit

Add: Raise/Lower terrain menu (admin tool atm)
Add: Add/remove water/lava menu (admin tool atm)
Fix: Colored roads doesn't mess up the whole terrain
Balance: Build times and building spawn rates are reduced
Balance: Boots of speed doesn't need snickerite to build it (changed it to goblinite)
Balance: Create flour now only costs 2 wheat

Version 0.42Edit

Add: Priorities panel (F3)
Add: Roads (living entities walk faster here)
Add: Animations for living entities
Add: TTF Font
Add: Heightmap a-la Transport Tycoon
Add: Food values on food items tooltip
Add: Save options
Add: Use of user folder for savegames and options
Add: New special values for map generation (_WATER_1_, _WATER_INF_, LAVA_1_, LAVA_INF_)
Remove: Barracks (now everybody can be a soldier!)
Remove: Transition tiles
Change: Speed of living entities reduced
Change: Stockpile points are removed if you place a zone over it
Change: Turns to build things on benches changed to 70% if a roof is present
Change: Turns to build things on benches changed to 85% if the builder is underground
Change: Warning "Sure to exit without save?" panel
Change: Water system uses slopes now
Change: Faster seeds at map generation (so the game starts early)
Fix: Enemies won't try to break opened doors
Fix: Crash when building a building only with doors
Fix: Prefix/suffix percentages are set to 5% again
Fix: Little improvement in the minimap render routine
Fix: Improved the save/load game performance a little
Fix: Item issues when deleting the zone under it
Fix: Lag if no mats when trying to build a building
Fix: Draw the roofs/big items (ie. trees) when its base is outside the screen
Fix: Citizens recalculate their path if while they are following it other citizens blocks the path with walls
Fix: Minor graphic glitches

Version 0.40.2Edit

- Change: Transition tiles disabled by default

- Fix: Unifallows now correctly respawns as milkable

- Fix: Unifallows can now be butchered for raw steak and for bones

Version 0.40.1Edit

- Fix: Cow farm now produces cows!

- Fix: Buildings never built if the builder begins to sleep/eat after place all materials on it

- Fix: Graphic glitch with directional animals (cow, pig, badger, skootenbeeten and unifallow)

- Fix: APS now works with living entities (IE. milk a cow)

Version 0.40Edit

- Add: Content (enemies, items, terrain types)

- Add: Transition tiles

- Add: Height!

- Add: Directions for livings

- Add: Grid feature

- Add: Grid, pause and settings icons on the UI

- Add: Doors can be opened/locked/unlocked

- Add: <speedUpPCT> tag to items. This tag can speed up (or down) the production time

- Add: Max age for enemies and some can spawn into other living entity when they die this way

- Add: Military items tooltips with information about the stats

- Change: <move> tag to queues can now be used with multiple targets (like the <pick> tag)

- Change: After placing a wall, civilians search for an area with other civilians (to not get stuck on a non-door building/wall)

- Change: APS now looks at benches + items to know how many tasks create in parallel

- Change: Subdivisions on menus

- Change: Some item types changed

- Change: Sieges are less deadly

- Change: Removed the wall needed on all four sides when creating a zone

- Change: Zones that have a roof speed up item production

- Change: Roofs add happiness to civilians

- Fix: civilians getting stuck with some containers if you played with the enable/disable feature

- Fix: civilians searching the best food on the whole map and not pick the best one from containers/stockpiles

- Fix: APS issue with multi<pick> tasks (like the mountain stew)

- Fix: Locked items placed under a ladder no longer locks the ladder

- Fix: Crash when you use the mouse wheel on main menu

- Fix: Minor bug fixes and some perfomance improvements

Version 0.39.2Edit

- Add: Red/green pre-requisites when right click over a building

- Add: System to add more textures dinamically

- Fix: Lag when build a building and other civilians are over it

- Fix: Camel/cow now return to his previous state after you milk it

- Fix: Container issues

Version 0.39.1Edit

- Balance: Wheat is produced faster

- Change: Some icons from menus have been moved

- Fix: Ogre club and fine ogre club graphic

- Fix: Harvest command on the bottom menu now also harvests cactus plants

- Fix: Autoequip when items are on containers

- Fix: Bug that caused food from containers to only be eaten by one civilian

- Fix: Buildings show the correct prerequisites for "living" when only those are left

Version 0.39Edit

- Add: Autoequip!

- Add: Content!

- Add: Containers!

- Add: Possibility to expand zones (avoiding the boring squared zones)

- Add: Stock number on the APS

- Add: Different maps

- Add: Habitat for living entities

- Add: Value, fill percentage and eat time for every food item

- Add: Citizens can now pick and use living entities (i.e. a pig)

- Add: Buildings with living prerequisites and descriptions

- Add: Action queues now can create new friendlies

- Change: Siege message (informing that the game has been paused)

- Change: Citizens doesn't run to the hospital if they are fighting

- Change: Doors don't have a roof assigned (so you can make a wooden building with a bone door and the roof will appear)

- Change: Removed the hardcoded "type=military" from military items

- Fix: APS now checks for carrying items to control the stock

- Fix: APS now doesn't take into consideration locked items (so walls, trees and so on can be placed there)

- Fix: APS doesn't put all tasks at the same time on the task queue (performance improvement)

- Fix: Synchronization crash

- Fix: Building issue with citizens on different areas (IE. citizens on both sides of the river and no path between them)

- Fix: Stuck friendlies over a hole with a ladder

- Fix: Minor fixes and improvements

Version 0.38.1Edit

- Remove: Feather and badger fur

- Fix: "attackTurns" of creatures are not well loaded (now they attack faster... a LOT faster)

- Fix: Crash when you load a game and try to fight a ranged creature

- Fix: Graphic glitches

Version 0.38Edit

- Add: Production panel (can be opened hitting F2 or the big center icon)

- Add: Content and art!

- Add: Game save without exit

- Add: Option to full enable or disable a stockpile

- Change: Direct tasks can be ordered while in pause (IE: Create or change a stockpile)

- Change: 1 level roofs

- Fix: Crash generating really BIG roofs

- Fix: Synchronization issue cause the game crash

- Fix: Minor bug fixes

Version 0.37Edit

- Add: New user interface!

- Add: Roofs (Can be hidden with TAB key)

- Add: Doors (Needed in order to place roofs)

- Add: New monsters

- Add: Next/previous soldier feature

- Change: Immigrant arrival calculations

- Change: Improved the task manager, allowing smarter citizens

- Change: Fluid funtionality

- Change: Cave generation

- Fix: Synchronization issue with custom tasks that sometimes caused a game to crash

- Fix: Issue with building in a row (IE. walls) when items were already built

- Fix: Issue spliting big context menus

- Fix: Unequip various items while in pause doesn't delete the first ones

- Fix: Spiderite bow prerequisites

- Fix: Changing the language doesn't maintain some words of the previous one

- Fix: Zones over a hole are not allowed

- Fix: Full prerequisites check when an item&place order it's performed

- Fix: Minor bug fixes and big performance improvements

Version 0.36Edit

- Add: Option to deactivate the mouse scroll

- Add: Option to toggle full-screen mode (using F11 or in the main menu)

- Change: LWJGL updated to 2.8.2

- Fix: Nasty bug in the LOS (Line Of Sight) funtion that is causing blind enemies and citizens when they fight

- Fix: Duplicate items glitch when the destination point of a built item is inaccesible

- Fix: Bushes can no longer spawn inside a custom zone

- Fix: The chop sound while being underground has been taken out

- Fix: Citizens begins eat or sleep while doing a custom task (chop, build a wall, ...)

- Fix: Walls placed on dungeons doesn't split areas correctly. This may citizens to get stuck

- Fix: Wrong stockpile IDs when loading a game

Version 0.35Edit

- Balance: Happiness

- Add: Connector tiles (I.E. Walls)

- Add: Custom zones/buildings

- Add: Custom queues to build items

- Add: Language options on main menu

- Add: Cancel custom actions

- Add: Cycle through citizens ('W' and 'E' keys or with menu)

- Add: Mouse to move the camera and mouse wheel to move the z-level

- Add: Tooltip with the prerequisites of each item in the menu

- Add: Date and time of error.log file

- Add: Towns icon

- Add: Resizable window

- Add: Custom mouse cursor

- Add: Towns executable (Windows only)

- Change: Citizens don´t get stuck on walls

- Fix: Entities doen´t die if you build a wall over them

- FIx: Custom actions on entities (i.e. kill a pig) works even if the entity moves before you click on the order

- Fix: Minor bug fixes and performance tuning

Version 0.30Edit

- Balance: Walls are now built in the masonry (with 2 stones)

- Balance: The arrival of immmigrants is checked every 3 in-game hours (instead of every in-game day)

- Balance: When a citizen (or soldier) dies. The global happiness is reduced by 20%

- Add: Custom actions engine

- Add: Animation engin

- Add: Random drop engine

- Add: Ranged weapons engine

- Add: Buildings now can have an automatic mode turned on (non-stop production mode)

- Add: Buildings can be forced to be built over certain terrains (ie. wheat farm over grass, mineshaft over stone,iron,coal,...)

- Add: Buildings can have non-rectangular shapes, and the entrace may be placed elsewhere

- Add: Hide buildings when hold [CONTROL] key

- Add: Engine prepared for friendly units (ie. A cow)

- Add: Current mission objective status is shown in the objectives panel (F1)

- Add: Infinitive verbs when attacking

- Add: A lot of content

- Add: Drop for friendlies and citizens

- Add: Random prefixes and suffixes to military items when droped by an enemy

- Add: Repeat tasks when hold [SHIFT] key

- Change: All non-operative items will show the red-cross mark (ie. A bed built but not placed in destination)

- Change: Citizens now ends his tasks before they go to eat or sleep

- Change: If a citizen is carrying an item, he drops it before they go to eat or sleep

- Change: A wall (item) can be used as a room wall

- Change: Rooms can be built outside

- Fix: Improved the fluids routine (reducing CPU time to a half)

- Fix: Row-building mode fixed (walls)

- Fix: Returning to main menu could crash the game in some cases

- Fix: Removed the Windows end-of-line character from the Linux launchers

- Fix: Minor bug fixed

Version 0.25Edit

- Add: Campaign mode

- Add: Main menu options

- Add: Moddable dungeon generation

- Add: A mill, flour, new tree

- Change: Added [BLANKLINE] code to menu.xml

- Change: .xml generators cleaned (using "dice" function instead of varMin and varMax)

- Change: New folder for graphics

- Change: Separated textures for buildings, living entities and item

- Fix: Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 0.24Edit

- Add: Alternative graphics system for living entities

- Change: Assured males AND females in every world

- Change: Same starting point for all citizens

- Fix: Crash when right click on a room with dead owner

Version 0.23Edit

- Add: Working chairs (used in dinning room)

- Add: Beds

- Add: Walls

- Add: Row building system (used to build walls)

- Add: Happiness value to items

- Change: Happiness formula

- Change: Improved the main menu config file, concerning items and buildings multilanguage.

Version 0.22Edit

- Add: Current Mining/Digging/Chopping orders are painted

- Add: New "Cancel order" command under the "Orders" menu

- Change: Improved citizen task manager

- Fix: "Item & place" menu now works properly with already built items (thanks to SirHoder)

- Fix: Duplicated tasks are not created (ie. Mining twice in the same cell

- Fix: Crash trying to build an item NOT defined in the corresponding file (thanks to SirHoder)

- Fix: Stuck citizens trying to build an item when prerequisites are not accesible

Version 0.21Edit

- Add: Music & sounds

- Add: FPS parameters in config file (towns.ini)

- Change: Improved minimap render routine (pregenerated textures, reducing to a half the current CPU time)

- Fix: Static "child" items (ie. bushes) no longer born into stockpiles

- Fix: Big items/buildings are now displayed even if first cell it's outside the main area

- Fix: Crash when equip/unequip soldiers (thanks to Belzebuit)

- Fix: Minor bug fixes and some general performance

Version 0.20Edit

- Add: Full moddable enemies

- Add: Full moddable items

- Add: Moddable map generator

- Add: Sieges!

- Change: Items in a wrong stockpile are hauled

- Change: Citizens doesn't haul items if exists enemies around the item

- Fix: Minor bug fixes

Version 0.19Edit

- Balance: Bakeries build 3 breads (instead of 4) with 2 wheats

- Balance: Citizens doesn't eat faster in a dining room

- Add: Left click outside a contextual menu closes it

- Add: "Items" menu. You can build items without specify a building neither a place where to put them

- Add: Happiness

- Add: Personal rooms. Citizens go there to sleep.

- Add: Eat in a dining room improves the citizen happiness

- Add: Sleep in a personal room improves the citizen happiness

- Add: Immigrants (they come if there are personal rooms available and overall happiness it's good)

- Change: Trees only generate bushes if there are less than 3 aroun

- Change: Prerequisites for a room (2 cells wide, 6 cells minimum and, at least, a wall in each side)

- Fix: Little issue dropping big items (more than 1x1)

- Fix: Minor bug fixes

Version 0.18Edit

- Add: Main menu

- Add: Moddable items

- Add: Moddable terrain (terrain.xml)

- Add: Full moddable buildings

- Add: Enemies can drop items (moddable)

- Change: Fast bushes grow rate

- Fix: Rendering routine (now buildings are not overlapped with blocks)

- Fix: Minor bug fixes

Version 0.17Edit

- Balance: Citizens have a little less hungry (again)

- Balance: Bakeries build 4 breads (instead of 1) with 2 wheats

- Balance: Raw material drop rate when a cell it's mined (more coal/iron, less mud)

- Balance: One game turn now it's equivalent to 30 seconds (instead of 60)

- Add: Bridges (can be built in masonry with 2 stones)

- Add: Rooms!

- Add: Dining room (citizens eat faster there)

- Add: Hospital (citizens with 1/3 of life go there)

- Add: "Infravision" removed (living entities can no longer see through walls)

- Add: Moddable LOS to living entities (citizens, enemies)

- Change: Pathfinding now gives more value to Z-level

- Fix: Deleting a task in a building now works properly

- Fix: Performance improvements (hangs when you discover new caves)

- Fix: Minor bug fixes

Version 0.16Edit

- Add: Soldiers

- Add: Barracks (each one allows you to convert 5 civilians into soldiers)

- Add: More info in the upper bar (level/civilians/soldiers, day/month/year)

- Add: "Room style" dungeon

- Add: Goblins and Goblin leaders

- Change: Wheat farms can't be built underground

- Change: Builders wait until cells are free to finish the building (avoiding stoned citizens)

- Change: Number of messages in message panel was raised to 1024 (from 128)

- Fix: The hole tile in digged terrains isn't drawed if terrain has fluids

Version 0.15Edit

- Balance: Citizens are now less hungry

- Add: White border to tooltip

- Add: Coal and iron

- Add: Forge

- Add: Wooden armor, pants, boots and sword

- Add: Iron helmet, armor, pants, boots and sword

- Add: Full moddable military items

- Add: Citizens can wear/wear off items

- Add: Weared items are shown

- Add: Big texts are resized in menu

- Add: Now you can build items with the building contextual menu

- Add: Save/Load now operate with compressed files (about 15-1 compression)

- Change: Map depth raised (from 4 to 8)

- Change: FPS capped to 60

- Change: Improved minimap render routine (glVertexArrays)

- Change: Improved the A* zone reset (no more hangs when you build/remove stairs and buildings)

Version 0.14Edit

- Balance: Wheat farms produces wheat more slowly

- Balance: Weaker citizens

- Added white border to menus and panels

- Added dice engine (ex: 4d8+5,3d6)

- Added colors to messages

- Added multilanguage (Spanish)

- Added a new pile (military)

- Added first military item (Wooden helmet) (not in-game equippable yet)

- Add: Messages are now saved

- Changed the task manager. Item building tasks (furniture, food, ...) are more important than other tasks

- Changed the font tileset

- Change: Spider graphics

- Change: Item types are now obtained from items.xml (file types.xml was removed)

Version 0.13Edit

- Changed the "unknown" tile image

- Changed all clay references to mud

- Added females

- Added names, surnames, nicks and gender to citizens

- Added tooltips

- Added the "mine" command to the contextual menu

- Added the keyboard shortcuts to all menus

- Added enemies engine

- Added spiders and giant spiders

- Added combat engine

- Added the current level number at the top-left of screen

- Added red arrow marks indicating if the upper or lower level contains a stair

- Added messages panel full screen mode

Version 0.12Edit

- Sleep time at the beggining of the game changed a little to avoid mass sleep

- Grass cells now doesn't drop clay at 100%

- Stone cells now doesn't drop stone (raw) at 100%

- Added more CPU time to A* search (reducing the pathfinding time)

- Hungry citizens now search food wiser

- If width/height declared in towns.ini match with desktop resolution, full_screen it's set to 'true' automatically

- Added depth to river

- Cells with fluids are shown when you discover a new level

- Added dungeons (no monsters and no items yet)

- Added an error log file (error.log in main folder)

Version 0.11Edit

- Citizens can starve to death

- Hungry citizens now doesn't run to the same food source like crazy kids

- Wheat farm automatically create wheat every predefined time

- Bakery can create bread

- Loading the game now doesn't duplicate items

- Citizens now try to not stay inside a building during it's construction (this avoid being stoned)

- When a citizen needs an item now it search it in the nearest stockpile

- Small bugs fixed

Version 0.10Edit

External changes:

- Citizens can eat.

- Citizens can sleep.

- Items carried by citizens are now painted.

- Smoth scroll just pressing the arrow keys.

- Items added: chair, table, bread, wheat

- Buildings added: Bakery, Wheat farm

- Citizens can haul any kind of item (not only raw materials)

- Stockpiles can't share same cell

- Bushes can now be chopped (but no wood obtained)

Internal changes:

- Simplified item structure

- Task manager optimized (fast item access)

- A* improved (fast stair access)