Werepigs are mobs that spawn/transform randomly. They are extremely rare. Use caution when attacking as regular villagers will be slaughtered by it, therefore use caution when dealing with it and be sure to have a weapon. If left alone they might seem to disappear, however, this doesn't mean the threat is gone because, being a werepig, it probably just transformed into a normal pig, and can change back as well.


Helmet of the pigslayer (80% chance)

Raw pork (30% chance)


If your villagers are completely defenseless this can be a death sentence for your village as the werepig will move from villager to villager like some serial killer from a horror movie. To stop it assign all your villagers as soldiers to overwhelm it. You will lose alot of villagers but if you have a good posse of 5-10 villagers you can usally bring it down.

Once your villagers are decked out with a weapon and at least a chestplate these stop being as much of a threat as the villagers cause more damage and its attacks bounce off the armour. However, It's a good idea to send some villagers to aid if someone gets attacked as they can still kill a single villager with a basic weapon and armor. s

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