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Custom buildings!

Zones allows players to create custom made buildings. By using walls and zones, a player can create large dormatories equiped with kitchens and hospitals or large factories that have carpentry and masonry workshops.

An excellent guide to creating a simple building by using zones is discussed in the Beginner Tutorial. From there, players can create increasingly complex buildings for their villagers.

Zones that can be created are:


Ateliers are used for the production of Colors (used in roads and some vanity items) and hides which can be made into hats. The only two Utilities that can be placed in this zone are the Color Mixing Bench and the Hide Skinning Table.


Used for badger fights which are a way of entertaining villagers and Heroes. Bait is used to attract the badgers and make them fight. Wooden fences with a gate to seperate the different badger teams is a common tactic.


Used to create Bread and Pies. Baker's Oven and Baker's Table utilities may only be placed in this zone.


Part of the Arena setup. Placed on the edge of the Arena and used as an area for the Villagers and Heroes to watch the fights from.


Used to create wooden items, from beds to Benches. Carpenty Bench, Wood Detailer, and Carving Bench utilities may only be placed in this zone.

Dining RoomEdit

An area where villagers can sit and eat. Chairs and Tables can be placed here, however they are not required.


Used to create metal items, including weapons and armor. Anvil, Smelter, and ITEsmithy utilities may only be placed in this zone.


A place where injured villagers come to heal. A Medicine Cabinet is required for villagers to regain health. Beds also help Townies to heal faster.


Used to prepare meat based foods. Kitchen Table, Kitchen Stove, Butcher Table and Cooking Pot utilities may only be placed in this zone.


Used to create stone items, from stone walls to bridges. Mason's Bench utility may only be placed in this zone.

Personal RoomEdit

Creates a room for a single villager. Place a Bed here for villagers to sleep. Including Decorative items, such as candles, helps to keep the villagers happy. A happy population and unoccupied personal rooms will attract immigrants.


One of the base requirements to get a hero to join your town. It is the Hero equivalent to the Dining Room and thus the same decorations can be applied.

Tavern RoomEdit

Also a base requirement to get a hero to join your town. It is the equivalent to the Personal Room.